My hair journey: Starting Over…

It started about 5 years ago when I decided to do the BIG BC (big chop of course). It was a scary feeling but I knew that I needed a change. At that time, I only had one daughter who has a head full of hair. I wore the low hair cut for about 3 years and LOVED IT!  Then, I had a fourth child..thankfully, he was a boy! But, then I wanted a change. I started growing my hair back and I thought it would be easy! WRONG!  After baby #4, my last baby was born 2 years later and the baby is a GIRL!  Now, I have two heads of hair to comb plus mine. Let’s just say that was not settling to well with me.

After much contemplation, I decided once again it was time for a change!  Something had to give and why not start with me, especially since I despise combing/styling my own hair.  I had to make a decision between growing locs or pay to have braids in my hair every two months (which would cost about $250 every two months ).  Since I am budget conscience, I figured growing locs is the best option…at least that is what I thought.

The process of growing locs is long and tedious.  You must have patience because your hair WILL go through changes.  When it is first done, it looks great but during the locking process, it becomes messy since you are not doing anything to it except tying it down at night.  This is where the patience kicks in and frustration sets in.

On April 29, my new journey to healthy hair and locs begin.  I met with a new found friend and natural hair care technician who examined my hair and said, “Yes, your hair needs a new beginning!”

On April 30, 2014, Monique combed out each two strand twists, locs and interlocks which had developed in my hair. It only took 7 hours!!  PSA: You can take out your locs without having to do the BC.  When all was said and done…hydration, deep conditioning and about an inch of trimming, I had a SHORT Afro.  However, at the end of the day, I have healthy hair and NOW THE JOURNEY BEGINS!

The journey begins with combed twists.

The journey begins with combed twists.