The DVD player is a MUST!

Stop! Leave me alone! Don’t do that! Don’t touch me! Are we there yet? The radio is too loud! I don’t like that song. It’s too cold…no it is not! Yes, it is!! On and on and on it goes until at least the youngest three fall asleep. Then there are a few moments of peace and quiet. And I do mean just a few moments. Then it is back to the exchange. Hence, the reason why the DVD player is a MUST HAVE on road trips.

For our trip to Destin, FL, we decided to rent a van instead of putting the miles on my 2005 Honda Odyssey which has a DVD player. Yes, I use movies to have some quiet time in the car while I am driving, especially since I drive a lot. When my husband reserved the car, he specifically asked for a Chrysler Town and Country because we KNEW it had a DVD player. However, when we went to pick up the car, Enterprise only had a Dodge Caravan which did not have a DVD player. Naturally, I was not happy because I had checked out videos from the library to avoid as much bickering as possible. Can you imagine riding 5 to 6 hours with kids ages 14 to 2 years old? If they were quiet, it would not be a problem. However, my kids are boisterous, independent and bold. This is why I prefer driving at night while they are asleep. Therefore it is a MUST…a REQUIREMENT…not an option to have a DVD player in the car for our next vacation.


The preparation is what’s hectic!!!

Getting ready for a vacation is very hectic especially when you have to make sure that all SEVEN of us have the things we need and are ready to leave on time (yeah right). The kids definitely do not understand all that goes into going on a trip. Their only concern is how many days are left before we leave. Meanwhile, I am running around like a chicken with its head cut off. I am not excited until I am riding and the car is loaded. But, if you are the mommy or parent that has to prepare, you already know what needs to take place. Let’s just start with ensuring that all swimsuits and swim shoes from last year still fit…but of course not…at least three of the 5 have grown so off to the store. Then you have to make sure that Ariel (the 2 yr. old) has NOT “misplaced” the “#vacation” toothbrushes. Yep…she misplaced them…so add that to the list. Then, of course, I cannot find the sunscreen and floats from last year…so these things are added to the list. Then, on top of all that, I still have to clean the house, plan to cook just enough food prior to leaving to avoid leftovers, do laundry and pack. Oh, and let’s not forget all of the unexpected things that happens and throws you off course. Just thinking about all of this has made me tired. I need a another vacation already and we have not left yet. Nevertheless, we are #blessed to have this chance to enjoy time away from the hustles and bustles of life. #Vacation #Destin #longridewith5kids #funwithfamilyandfriends