The preparation is what’s hectic!!!

Getting ready for a vacation is very hectic especially when you have to make sure that all SEVEN of us have the things we need and are ready to leave on time (yeah right). The kids definitely do not understand all that goes into going on a trip. Their only concern is how many days are left before we leave. Meanwhile, I am running around like a chicken with its head cut off. I am not excited until I am riding and the car is loaded. But, if you are the mommy or parent that has to prepare, you already know what needs to take place. Let’s just start with ensuring that all swimsuits and swim shoes from last year still fit…but of course not…at least three of the 5 have grown so off to the store. Then you have to make sure that Ariel (the 2 yr. old) has NOT “misplaced” the “#vacation” toothbrushes. Yep…she misplaced them…so add that to the list. Then, of course, I cannot find the sunscreen and floats from last year…so these things are added to the list. Then, on top of all that, I still have to clean the house, plan to cook just enough food prior to leaving to avoid leftovers, do laundry and pack. Oh, and let’s not forget all of the unexpected things that happens and throws you off course. Just thinking about all of this has made me tired. I need a another vacation already and we have not left yet. Nevertheless, we are #blessed to have this chance to enjoy time away from the hustles and bustles of life. #Vacation #Destin #longridewith5kids #funwithfamilyandfriends


Well, the time has come to introduce myself to the blogging world. My name is Michele. I am a wife, mother of 7 of whom five are at home, and a Pastor’s wife. Oh, did I mention that we are a blended family? With all of these hats I wear, I am busy. A busy bee and loving it. I would not trade it for anything. I am balanced and blessed.

I have been married for 16 years this year. My hubby is a great provider, father, Pastor and most of all my best friend. Our children range from ages 29 to 2. My oldest two are grown and on their own. Our oldest daughter, 29 years old, is completing her Masters degree in Education. She is a Kindergarten teacher and is getting married in October 2014. Our second daughter who is 26 years old is free-spirited, a writer and an upcoming blogger. Our first son who is 15 years old son plays the cello, loves soccer and is an avid reader soon to be blogger. The 8 years old son is the social butterfly, basketball player and drummer. Our youngest son, who is 4, is the ultimate drummer and singer of the family. He will break out with a song at any given moment. Then we have our two daughters at home. Our 7 years old daughter has Severe Speech Developmental Delay but she does not allow that to stop her. She is very friendly and loved by all. Last but not least is our 2 years old ladybug who is the princess of the house. She is the last child and she knows it.

Hence, the reason for my blog. It is my desire through my stories and experiences, I will encourage other moms/dads through it all, and you will survive and even have some fun along the way. We are all busy and balanced, but most of all we are blessed.